Thursday, November 7, 2013

Abigail- Kirsten -Tinley-Sophie-Mrs.Thornbrue table 2 earthquake tower

Thornbrue u nothing

Cameron Thornbrue The Almost Tower.

Hayden-Grayson-wyatt-Thornbrue-The Geometric

Samantha and Kali -Thornbrue-Increadable Tower

D.j. Thornbrue The Temple Of Doom!!!


Dr Fryer - Thornbrue - Amazing Table 1 Tower

Jade tye and Alayna's tower


Jozzlynne , Peyton , Analise J Thompson The Best Tower Ever

Caiden and Aston

Eli and Carter

Braden& Seth awesome creation tower

Andrew JThompson teepee tower


Dr Fryer - J Thompson - Tower

Brugh - Table 2's awesome tower

Awesome Tower Brugh

Table 3 Brugh

Laney cynthia brugh table 5. Amazing tower

Mrs Burgh table 9

Table5 also none as table of awesome ness

Brycen and Dagon Mrs.Brugh sabatashd

Andrea,Kenna,Kaylee-Mrs. Brugh- Table 4 has an awesome invention

Morgan,Lexi,Jacqueline - Heusel - Our Tower

Trinity-Nate-alekai Heusel the epic tower

Table one tower rocks!

Xander heusel tabel5 cool tall tower

Stem-marshmallow tower

Payton-heusel Shamia Aaliyah Tall tower

Liberty-Heusel-the leaning tower of spagetti

James Heusel pier table

Dr Fryer - Heusel - Amazing Table 4 Tower

Haley,Faith ,Marisol, Tower

Mr freyer I

Fast nick

Dr.fryer,fast table3 cubetower

We broke the noodles but we still succeeded!!!!!

Mr.Fryer fast

Our building kept on falling. But we built it again at the last minute and got to 11 inches!!!

Ben Hartman,Luke Parrett-Fast-Table 8 Fail Tower

Dr Fryer - Fast - Table 1 amazing tower